Optimising Titanium App File Sizes

In this post, Jason Kneen describes some simple techniques that can be used to reduce Titanium application file size.

GA Release of CLI 5.3, Titanium 5.3 and Studio 4.6

GA Release of CLI 5.3, Titanium 5.3 and Studio 4.6 We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Appcelerator CLI 5.3.0, Titanium SDK 5.3.0 and Appcelerator Studio 4.6.0. We’d like to thank the Appcelerator Community members who contributed to this release as well as those who have tested the beta and RC versions. […]

How to use Boot Camp for Windows 10 Development on a Mac

Most Appcelerator developers work on Macs. Which makes sense for cross-platform developers, since you can develop for Android on both Mac OS and Windows, but for iOS you’ll need Xcode which is only available for Mac OS. Unfortunately, development for Windows requires Visual Studio which is only available for Windows. So, to now cover all […]

Windows Platform Preview

We are excited to provide a preview of the new Titanium Mobile infrastructure and architecture for Windows. Bringing a new platform to Titanium Mobile is a particular source of pride. Of course, with Titanium’s tens of thousands of existing applications and thousands of APIs comes great responsibility and required compatibility. The platform includes a re-imagining […]

Titanium SDK and Studio 3.3.0 GA Now Available

We are very pleased to announce our 3.3.0 release of Appcelerator Studio, Titanium Studio and the Titanium SDK. This is part of our much larger Appcelerator Platform 2.0 release, our biggest release in Appcelerator history. We have made changes and improvements inside Studio/SDK 3.3.0, from Studio—to Alloy—and to all of our supported OS platforms. We […]

Announcing the 3.3.0 Beta of SDK/Studio

We’re pleased to announce the beta version of 3.3.0, a major update of the Titanium SDK and Titanium Studio. Version 3.3.0 contains a number of important feature enhancements and improvements, along with significant bug fixes. We are asking for your feedback in testing this before it becomes generally available next month. This is a pre-production […]

Developer Preview of Hyperloop for Windows

NOTE: The information in this post is dated. For the very latest on Hyperloop, see here. I’m excited to announce our Developer Preview release of Hyperloop for Windows! First off, let’s see Hyperloop in action with a demo video from our lead developer for Hyperloop for Windows, Dawson Toth. So, what’s Hyperloop for Windows? Hyperloop, […]


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