Two-Way SMS Messages with API Builder & Twilio

In a prior blog post, we introduced the API Builder Twilio Connector and how to use it to send SMS text messages from API Builder. However, what if you want the user to be able to opt-out of receiving text messages or ask a question of the user via SMS and have the user respond […]

Improving Titanium Native App Performance – A Real World Example

Using Titanium SDK, it’s possible for anyone to build native applications for iOS and Windows mobile devices using a combination of JavaScript, XML and JSON. The result isn’t a web-based “Hybrid App”, but apps with a fully native user interface. There are some situations where an app written in any JavaScript-to-native-user-interface solution like Titanium may […]

Common Support Questions: Android

With the recent addition of our free Indie Plans for both Titanium and Hyperloop, we’ve seen an influx of new developers join the Appcelerator community. So, we wanted to create a resource for users to troubleshoot their most common development issues and questions for each platform. To kick-off our series, we took a look some […]

A New Podcast For Titanium Developers

I’m happy to announce a brand new Podcast for Titanium developers. “Titanium Talk” will be a regular show with at least two episodes a month and hosted by myself and one of our Titans, Brenton House. The first episode is available now and you can add the show to your favourite podcasting app or subscribe […]

Appcelerator Indie Plans Are Now Free! And Wait, There’s More…

I have some good news, and some GREAT news. First, the good news… Thanks to the engagement and feedback of our developer community, we are making all Indie plans free. It’s true. Axway loves this community, and wants to show appreciation for your energy and commitment. Need more proof? Well, that brings us to the […]

KitchenSink Sample App 2.0

As part of the newly announced 6.0.0 Appcelerator Platform release, we also published a completely revamped version of our KitchenSink sample app. The sample app has been rewritten from scratch and now features the best practices we recommend Appcelerator developers follow (e.g. Alloy, launch-screen storyboards, and JavaScript constructors). The new KitchenSink app features examples of […]

Arrow Builder Performance Monitoring with New Relic

Appcelerator provides a number of capabilities for monitoring your Arrow applications. These are accessible from the Dashboard and documented here. However, what if you want more detailed monitoring and alerting? Well, there are various APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solutions on the market which specialize in this area. One such solution is New Relic. This blog […]

Titanium 5.5.0 Sample App

In coordination with Apple’s release earlier this month, we released Titanium 5.5.0.GA with support for new features in iOS 10 and Xcode 8 including: Support new CoreSpotlight APIs Support RefreshControl in Ti.UI.ScrollView Expose new Ti.UI.Pasteboard APIs Support for new WatchConnectivity features Expose new visual effects on Ti.UI.iOS.BlurView Support for searching indexed searchable items using the CSSearchQuery API […]


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