Using Custom Conditional Statements in Titanium Alloy Views

One of the many great features of Alloy (and I’ll be covering more in an upcoming post) is how it separates the business logic of an app and the user interface. You use XML views and TSS files to define the elements and styling of your views, and controllers contain the JavaScript to make everything […]

New in Alloy 1.4 : Custom query styles

Alloy provides a very easy way to apply UI elements and styling that are specific for different platform and screen sizes. For example on your TSS file you can add something like: “Label[platform=ios formFactor=handheld]”: { backgroundColor: “#f00”, text: ‘iPhone’ } and your the styling will only apply to iOS phones (handheld). While this is useful, […]

New in Alloy 1.4 – Widget Themes

If you’ve worked with Alloy, you know that Themes is one amazing feature that allows you to apply custom branding to your apps by simply changing settings in a special theme folder, in which you define styling and graphical assets. You’ve probably also worked with Widgets, which allow you to create reusable objects that combine […]


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