Titanium Livestream March 2019 Recap: The Databind Edition

Welcome back for another edition of Titanium Livestream recap! For the latest installment of our Titanium Livestream series (featured on Twitch), Developer Evangelist Rene Pot switched gears for a deep dive tutorial on databinding with Titanium. In the full episode, which you can watch below, Rene demonstrates some useful databinding techniques and explains how the […]

How to Access your CHANGELOG within your App to Implement a “What’s New” Feature

This guest post was authored by Adam Armstrong. Adam has been using Titanium since 2010 and is an Appcelerator Titan. He is the Manager of Mobile Technology at AmWINS Group and does freelance work via http://implicitli.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @adamtarmstrong. Prerequisites Alloy App CHANGELOG.md file changelog-parser npm package alloy.jmk file What […]

WATCH: Learn How to Use Titanium Stylesheets

In this video, Jason Kneen talks about how Titanium Style Sheets (TSS) can be used to style elements in an app. We show how you can define the properties of tags, such as a TextField, or how you can create classes such as “passwordField” or how you can target specific elements by their ID. TSS […]

API Builder Tutorial Series Ch. 5: What is a Flow and Flownode?

The fifth installment of our API Builder Tutorial series takes a deep dive on what is a Flow, Flownode, and how they interact with the Context. Here are some timestamps, if you want to jump around or come back to some parts: 26 seconds: Create and start the project 56 seconds: What is a flow? […]

Theming Apps with Titanium Alloy is as Simple as 1-2-3

Stop me if you’ve come across this before. A new client comes knocking on your door, looking for help to develop a specific app. You’ve built this app before (many times, actually) and have the codebase on hand. The problem, though, is that you need to apply unique theming or branding for your new customers. […]

Titanium Livestream February 2019 Recap: The SDK 8.0.0 Release Edition

Last week, our Developer Evangelist Rene Pot was joined by Axway engineers Ewan Harris and Jan Vennemann for the latest installment of our Titanium Livestream series (featured on Twitch). In this edition, which you can watch below, our hosts unpack all the new features (and also breaking changes) with the launch of the new Titanium […]

How to Create Flow-Nodes for API Builder with Axway Flow SDK

API Builder is tool that enables developers to rapidly create APIs and microservices with a low-code/no-code approach. API Builder achieves this by enabling you to develop your business logic using Flows. A flow allows you to orchestrate your business logic visually as a graph of connected flow-nodes. The Axway Flow SDK (axway-flow-sdk) is a standalone […]

How to Write Titanium iOS Native Modules with Swift

We are thrilled to announce that with the upcoming Titanium SDK 8.0.0 release, you can finally write native modules for iOS in Swift! With this blog post, we want to give you a little introduction and show you how to get started with native modules and Swift. Getting started First, make sure you have Titanium […]
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