Repost: 6 Ways Being a Titanium Dev is Like Being a Native Mobile Dev

Appcelerator Titan Vui Nguyen is a Certified Titanium Developer, developing in Titanium since 2011. She has been a professional software developer for over 15 years, building desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications at large companies, and as a freelance consultant. From this experience, she recently wrote an excellent article about 6 Ways Being a Titanium […]

Repost: Android orientation locking for Titanium

Appcelerator Titan Ben Bahrenburg wrote an excellent guide on locking the orientation of a Titanium Android app. It involves adding code to your tiapp.xml that will be merged with the AndroidManifest.xml Titanium generates for you. Please be aware that this generated code might differ across Titanium versions. Also see our Orientation Guide for details. Continue […]


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