A Tap on the Shoulder: Using Push Notification to Increase Your Mobile Advantage

With apologies to Bill Gates, content alone no longer reigns supreme. In our mobile-driven, user-centric world, context is the big game in town. It’s also one of the chief reasons the experience on mobile devices is superior to PCs – and why mobile (read: apps) is rapidly eclipsing the web (read: tethered browser). By “context,” […]

New ACS Features & Performance Updates

Since launching Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) in April, we’ve seen great excitement and adoption with in our developer community. Innovative photo, video, chat, social networking, weather, and many other types of apps have been created utilizing ACS as their powerful, easy to use server backend! We’ve been hard at work implementing new features requested by our users. Last week along […]

Push Notifications with Titanium and Urban Airship

Today our good buddies over at Urban Airship published a quick how-to on integrating Apple’s Push Notifications service into your Titanium application.  Really cool stuff – using Titanium’s client side support for push notifications with Urban Airship helping out on the server side has got to be the easiest way to get push running in […]


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