Appcelerator Platform Pricing Updates

Update: The information in this blog post has since changed. For the most up to date information on pricing and usage, please contact us. I am personally committed to openness and transparency regarding our pricing and licensing. When I announced the new Appcelerator Platform last week, I mentioned that I was going to follow-up to provide you […]

Your Voice Was Heard: New Pricing for ACS and Analytics

Over the last few months, you provided us with valuable feedback on the pricing of our free and commercial packages regarding Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) and Analytics.  We care deeply about providing you with outstanding value and high quality products at competitive prices along with openness and transparency which were top of mind when we […]

Pricing FAQ

Pricing FAQ What is an Appcelerator Analytics data point? An Analytics data point is an event that occurs in your app that is reported back to the Appcelerator Analytics service. This allows developers to track what users are doing in their apps. Examples of events that can be tracked include logins, navigation events, purchases, or […]

Major Titanium Updates, New Subscription Packages And Special Pricing Discounts

You may want to be sitting down for this one. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing several major new products and updates – the most we’ve ever shipped in our company’s history.  We’ve also heard your feedback loud and clear about our pricing and we’re rolling out some compelling new software, training, […]


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