Node.ACS Developer Preview 2 is now available

I am thrilled to announce the availability of the second Node.ACS developer preview. Using Node.ACS allows you to create and publish Node.js applications to the cloud. You can create custom services that extend the functionality of ACS or simply host your existing Node.js applications on the Appcelerator Cloud. Node.ACS is fully integrated with Titanium and […]

Developer Preview: Appcelerator Custom Cloud Services (Node.ACS)

About one month ago we launched the Appcelerator Custom Cloud Service (Node.ACS) based on node.js to a small group of developers. Since then, we have received a lot of valuable feedback and incorporated it into our latest Node.ACS framework. We are delighted to announce that the developer preview is now open to the public with many new features. Sign […]

Titanium Studio 1.0 Preview with Titanium Mobile Debugging

Today we are very pleased to announce a preview of Titanium Studio. Titanium Studio is built on top of Aptana Studio, the enterprise-grade IDE acquired by Appcelerator in January. This preview release includes all of the current Aptana Studio 3.0 features and introduces debugging, code completion and much more for your Titanium Mobile projects. Use […]


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