Titanium Talk Episode 12 – Upcoming 8.0.0 Release

In the latest Episode of Titanium Talk, Jason Kneen and Brenton House discuss the upcoming Titanium SDK 8.0.0 release, all the new features including cross-platform tabbed bar, navigation window and more! Check it out, along with past episodes: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Listen online now

Titanium Talk Episode 11 – Welcome Back Brenton

In the latest Titanium Talk, we welcome back Brenton House, who has joined Axway to head up Developer Evangelism! In this episode, Brenton and I talk about new Titanium SDK releases – including future breaking changes that mobile developers should be planning for now. Check it out, along with past episodes: Apple Podcasts Google Play […]

Titanium Talk with Adam Armstrong

In the latest Titanium Talk podcast, I speak to Titan Adam Armstrong, a cross-platform mobile developer working full-time for AmWINS and freelance for implicitli. He’s also an ice hockey goalie and coach. We talk about Adam’s background, how he got into cross-platform development with Titanium, how he and his business use it and the Appcelerator […]

Titanium Talk Episode 7

In the latest episode of Titanium Talk, Brenton and I discuss a few interesting subjects around mobile app development. Firstly, we cover some general news on Titanium, some updates to the Gitt.io module library, and the GA release of 7.0.2 of the Titanium SDK and the Appcelerator CLI (it is a patch release addressing high […]

Titanium Talk Podcast – Episode 3

In the Titanium Talk podcast, Jason & Brenton discuss all things Titanium, Appcelerator and cross-platform mobile development. In Episode 3, we talk about: Titanium 6.2.0.GA Release, new features and updates Facial recognition using the Zoom SDK The iPhone event last week, announcements, iOS 11 and the iPhone X (which we keep calling “X”) Changes with […]


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