Studio 3.1.4 for OS X Mavericks

Today Apple releases the GA version of OS X 10.9 as a free update. If you need to upgrade to Mavericks, we’ve prepared a new update of Studio for you. However, a number of the native SDK software vendors have some kinks remaining in their products, so if you are using HAXM-accelerated Android emulators, Tizen […]

Issue with Latest Android Tools on OS X

Android 4.2 arrived yesterday and community reports indicate there may be some issues with the release. Titanium testers are reporting an issue with the latest Android tools on OS X with a dual-monitor setup. Specifically, the following issues occur with Android SDK Tools rev. 21 and Android SDK Platform-tools rev. 16: If you launch an […]

Titanium Mobile 1.4.1 (for OSX only)

We have pushed a patch release (named for OSX only. If you’re not on OSX, you won’t get an update notification. This release contains two small fixes that have been caused a little bit of a problem for new users: – iTunes 10 issues which “Loading…” message in the SDK field under Titanium Developer […]


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