Announcing Vue.js Support in Titanium

A few weeks ago, we announced official support for Angular 6 in Titanium, enabling developers to combine the full ecosystem of Titanium with the powerful toolset of Angular. The tech preview was open sourced via @appcelerator/titanium-angular and will receive more contributions over the next few months. Today, we are pleased to announce another powerful integration […]

Open-Sourced Modules on the Appcelerator Marketplace

Open source software is a core part of the Titanium product, with both the SDK and Alloy available in this manner. Today we have a thriving community of over 425,000 developers, many of which are actively contributing to the software. It’s on this topic that I’m pleased to announce two major updates regarding the Appcelerator […]

Open source training curriculum

We believe in openness at Appcelerator, which is why we’re excited to announce the newest addition to our Open Source offerings. As of today, we’re open sourcing our training curriculum just like we’ve done and will continue to do with our Titanium SDK. What does this mean? Well, it means that our amazing community now […]

ABC’s Writer released as Open Source

We’ve had some users ask about the new modules that we released yesterday and we thought we’d release ABC’s Writer as an Open Source project. ABC’s Writer is a simple project that utilizes the Paint for iOS module that we released yesterday. To download the source please feel free to check out the code from […]

Titanium+Plus Open Source Modules

Many of you have displayed interest in creating modules to extend the power of Titanium for your own business. To help you get started, we are releasing three open source sample modules: Flurry for iOS, AdMob for iOS, and Paint for iOS. These samples, plus the module SDK, will enable you to develop a module […]


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