REST-to-REST API Optimization using the Appcelerator Node.ACS MBaaS

If my back end data source (e.g., SAP. Oracle, …) exposes its data with modern REST APIs, can I still leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS/Node.ACS? There are several good reasons to leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS in your mobile architecture. What if the existing back end REST API exposes a lot more data than you need […]

Announcing Node.js v0.10.22 support for Node.ACS applications

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Node.ACS servers with Node.js v0.10.22 from v0.8.26. This version contains a fix for the “infamous Walmart memory leak”, an upgrade to the core uv library, and generally increased performance and stability. To ease migration of Node applications to this new version, applications currently deployed on […]

Node.ACS SOAP Web Service Integration

While Appcelerator Titanium provides means for creating client side integrations to SOAP web services, parsing XML on the client is a cumbersome task. And with the inclusion of underscore in Alloy, JSON parsing is just much simpler and more readable. However, many legacy Enterprise integrations are still employing SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 web services. Appcelerator’s […]

Quick tip: Auto restarting your Node.ACS apps

If you’ve been developing Node.ACS (or Node.JS) apps, you know that every time you make a change to any of your source files, you need to go to your Terminal to stop the process and restart it. NodeMon is a Node.js tool that monitors your app folder and when it sees a change, it automatically […]

Node.ACS Integration Abstraction: Moving from MySQL to CouchDB

Mobile middleware provides a means of abstracting data integration between the mobile device and back end data sources. There are many benefits to this integration abstraction such as exposing a complex SOAP web service as a common REST API, which is more easily consumed by modern mobile devices. Another benefit is to insulate the mobile […]

Creating a MySQL-powered Web Service using Node.ACS

Often Enterprises need to create mobile applications, such as a Sales Flash Report or Executive Dashboard application that integrate with data that resides in a SQL database. There are several means of achieving this integration, including client side libraries for accessing the SQL database or implementing a PHP server to expose web services to access […]

Appcelerator Node.ACS Financial Stock Watch List

Implementing a Financial Stock Watch List may seem pretty straightforward at first, but optimizing it for mobile in the most efficient way possible presents a few challenges. Today, I’d like to walk you through how you can use the Appcelerator Mobile Platform to streamline API calls and data over the wire for your mobile applications […]

Announcing Titanium 3.1 and Node.ACS Production Releases

It’s all about enterprise connectivity, performance and new platforms We have kept ourselves pretty busy here at Appcelerator over the last couple of months. Today we are excited to announce a major release for both the Titanium and Cloud products: Titanium Studio and SDK 3.1 and Node.ACS GA. Titanium 3.1 In the 3.1 release we […]
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