Hyperloop: Working with Native Controls in Android

In this post, we’re going to provide a quick introduction to Hyperloop by adding an Android Button to a Titanium Alloy project and adding a click event handler. We’ll be writing code in JavaScript and using Hyperloop to access the underlying Android SDK, working directly with the android.widget.Button class. This example focuses on Android. For […]

What Defines a Native App?

The following could easily be a quote from someone just learning about Titanium: “JavaScript?! Like Phonegap? Sorry, I rather have a native app.” I’ve certainly had these conversations with clients as a freelance Titanium developer. Also in my role as a Developer Advocate I hear this a lot when I start to explain Titanium to […]

Repost: 6 Ways Being a Titanium Dev is Like Being a Native Mobile Dev

Appcelerator Titan Vui Nguyen is a Certified Titanium Developer, developing in Titanium since 2011. She has been a professional software developer for over 15 years, building desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications at large companies, and as a freelance consultant. From this experience, she recently wrote an excellent article about 6 Ways Being a Titanium […]

Native vs. HTML5 – looked at objectively, the debate is over

Almost a year ago I wrote a white paper about Native versus HTML5 mobile app development, asking ‘Which option is best?’ Even then, the answer was pretty obvious: look at the question objectively, using a set of clear comparisons, and HTML5 is crushed by native development, even though HTML5 wins on a few points.  Strangely, […]

Native BlackBerry 10 Support Coming To Titanium

Earlier today, Fearless Leader announced Appcelerator’s plans to support native application development for the BlackBerry 10.  Work is already underway to implement the Titanium JavaScript API on BlackBerry 10 devices using BlackBerry’s NDK. Unlike previous versions of the BlackBerry OS, development tools will be available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users.  In a few hours, […]


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