Featured Module — TiNy

Originally written by Fokke Zandbergen, TiNy, or “tn” for short, is more of a package than a module, but it’s worthy of mention as part of this blog series. TiNy is a wrapper for the Titanium and Appcelerator CLI (Command Line Interface) that allows you to do the same but with less keystrokes. It comes […]

Introducing our new Google Maps Android API v2 Module in the Appcelerator Marketplace

I am happy to announce our new Google Maps Android API v2 Module. As of March 3, 2013 Google will no longer issue new keys for v1 of the Google Maps Android API, which is used in our current Titanium.Map implementation (part of the Titanium SDK). In response to this, we have built the v2 […]

Facebook Module Changes in Titanium Mobile 1.6.0

(Our Stephen Tramer contributed the portion of this article that concerns Facebook authentication in iOS.) Titanium Mobile 1.6.0 (currently in its release-candidate stage) contains an upgraded Facebook module which uses new authentication features on both Android and iOS as well as a new set of methods to retrieve and submit data. Our new API documentation […]

New iOS Module Development Guide Available

Today we’re releasing a new iOS Module Developer’s Guide. This guide shows you how to create, test and package your Titanium module for the iOS mobile platform. Lots of comprehensive instructions and examples. Here’s the new guide: iOS Module Developer’s Guide We’ll be posting much more documentation — please give us feedback on what other […]


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