Making the Mental Shift from Web to Mobile Development

When mobile developers adopt a truly mobile mindset, the result is well-designed apps that better align to user needs. Recognizing and making the mental shift required for mobile development can make all the difference in a world where user experience reigns supreme.

5 Mobile Development Influencers to Follow in 2015

With millions of apps being downloaded daily, how do you develop something that stands out from the crowd? Not only will you need to create apps that are flawlessly engineered and user-friendly, but you’ll need to stay on top of the latest trends. Following big mobile development influencers, those who really “get” mobile, can keep […]

Native vs. HTML5 – looked at objectively, the debate is over

Almost a year ago I wrote a white paper about Native versus HTML5 mobile app development, asking ‘Which option is best?’ Even then, the answer was pretty obvious: look at the question objectively, using a set of clear comparisons, and HTML5 is crushed by native development, even though HTML5 wins on a few points.  Strangely, […]


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