Microgateway Blog Series, Part 5: Avengers Assemble – MicroGateway & API Gateway…

As a continuation from my previous blog entry of comparing Istio to Ant-Man, I’d like to continue with the superhero theme to provide a summary view of all the components of a microservice architecture, by comparing it to The Avengers! Avengers Assemble: every microservice architecture needs these heroes! Avengers Assemble! IronMan is Kubernetes. Iron Man’s […]

Microgateway Blog Series, Part 3: Whodunit?

When things break in a microservice architecture, determining root cause is challenging- where did it fail and why? There are so many things that could go wrong, there are many places to look. When errors occur, performing root cause analysis in a microservice environment has tongue-in-cheek been referred to as “solving a murder mystery.” Imagine […]

Microgateway Blog Series, Part 2: Edge to Internal

The season finale for Game of Thrones (GoT) seems a long way off. So, in this entry, let’s keep the hype going by equating the roles and responsibilities of the Edge Gateway and the Microgateway to various events and happenings within Westeros.The Machiavellian fight for who will sit on the Iron Throne of Westeros is […]

Microgateway Blog Series, Part 1 – Traffic Management

In this series of blog posts, we explain the valuable role the Microgateway plays in adopting a microservice architecture. A single microservice is a simple concept – it’s small, isolated, easily replaceable, stateless…This all sounds straightforward, but when you have a microservice architecture you have a suite of such services, not just one or a […]

5 Strategies for Making the Switch from Monolith to Microservices

Once you’ve decided microservices are right for your organization, what’s next? While refactoring your application is a worthwhile decision, it is a long-term investment that depends on the size and nature of your monolith, business goals, organizational maturity, and existing development processes and skills. Keep the following strategies in mind as you make the switch. […]

Deciding if Microservices are Right for You

Microservices are taking the development world by storm, greatly accelerating an organization’s agility and deployment cycle. To date, some of the world’s largest organizations have successfully adopted a microservices approach. But, they might not be for everyone. As organizations begin to realize the benefits of re-architecting monolithic applications, there’s still industry hesitation at the radical […]

Microservices Q&A: Today and Tomorrow

We sat down with Tony Pujals, Director of Cloud Engineering at Appcelerator, to better understand the microservices trend and where it is headed. In this third installment of Q&A discussions, Tony talks about how developers can prepare to adopt this new architectural approach. What changes can developers expect to see when switching from monolith to […]

Microservices Q&A: Clearing the Hurdles

We sat down with Tony Pujals, Director of Cloud Engineering at Appcelerator, to better understand the microservices trend and where it is headed. In this second installment of Q&A discussions, Tony talks about the some of the challenges the microservices approach faces and how those challenges are being overcome. How divided is the developer community […]
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