Accessing Axway Mobile Backend Service (MBS) from a Node.js Application

The Axway Appcelerator MBS also referred to as MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service), is a feature-rich set of over 20 cloud services for use with mobile applications, including Push Notification, Geofencing, Photo Storage, File Storage and a Database as a Service (DaaS). All services are accessible via a REST API. You can read more about the […]

Refreshed Axway Appcelerator

As many of you may have observed, we have been in the process of rebranding and renaming our offering. Our new brand – Axway Appcelerator – represents two words that combine our company name and our well-known brand in the mobile app development industry. By design, we maintained a separate Appcelerator identity until now to […]

Arrow: Connect to Any Data Source in Minutes – Really?

The tech industry is awash in hyperbole. Every vendor out there has a pitch that details how they’ll make you faster, lower your costs, improve ROI…well, you know the script.

Implementing Recent Search History in your Appcelerator apps

One of my favorite app features is Google Maps Recent History. This subtle feature shows up in the desktop browser as well on all my mobile devices. When I click in the search field to enter a search term, a list of recently found locations is displayed below the search field (see screenshot below). This […]

REST-to-REST API Optimization using the Appcelerator Node.ACS MBaaS

If my back end data source (e.g., SAP. Oracle, …) exposes its data with modern REST APIs, can I still leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS/Node.ACS? There are several good reasons to leverage the Appcelerator MBaaS in your mobile architecture. What if the existing back end REST API exposes a lot more data than you need […]


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