Key Takeaways from Apple’s Latest Event

Since its launch last year, many people have been wondering how Apple could improve on the iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 — yesterday we found out with the announcement of not one but four new products: Apple Watch Series 4 iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max iPhone Xr Apple Watch Series 4 The Watch […]

Supporting iPhone X in Titanium

During their keynote on Tuesday, Apple presented their new flagship iPhone – called iPhone X – along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+. As the iPhone X has some significant differences from other iPhone models, here’s a quick heads-up, so developers can migrate their apps to support the iPhone X from its launch in early […]

64-bit Support for iOS Apps

Update 11/26/2014 : 64-bit support is available in 3.5.0 Alpha build If you’ve recently submitted iOS Apps to the AppStore, you may be getting the following warning: The reason for the warning is to remind you that starting in February 1st, 2015, all iOS Apps need to provide 64-bit support. This is not an error […]

Browser-based emulators

Picture this scenario: You’re building a cross-platform app for your client and you’re ready to show your progress. Perhaps you’d want them to see the Android version but they don’t have an Android device, or you’d like them to see the app on iOS7 but they haven’t updated their devices. Today I’d like to talk […]

How-To: Create an iPhone Navigation Group

A question that’s come up a bit in Q&A, chats, tweets, and e-mails I get from folks in the community is the question of how to create what in the native world would be called a NavigationController. It’s basically a single window container which has a built in title bar, and allows you to arrange […]

Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash: Our thoughts

I wanted to provide everyone an update on the issues related to the iPhone 4.0 Terms of Service. While we have yet to receive any formal word from Apple as it relates to Titanium, this morning, Steve Jobs posted some thoughts on why Apple is banning Flash on the iPhone/iPad. The focus of the article […]

Update on Apple SDK 4.0 and ToS

It’s our belief that we are fully in compliance with iPhone OS 4.0 ToS as we interpret them. We agree with others that the intent behind the language is probably aimed at Adobe and preventing Flash from landing on an iPhone/iPad and bypassing or otherwise circumventing the iPhone SDK. As a pre-requisite to using Titanium, […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Announcement and Our Commitment to You

Please find the latest update to our position on Apple SDK 4.0 First, and most important: we value each and every one of you. As always, we will do everything within our power to ensure that Appcelerator Titanium remains the best platform to enable each of you to develop mobile and desktop applications on. Should […]
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