Consuming Web Services

In a previous post I talked about a library that makes it super easy to communicate with web services. In this post, I’ll step back a little bit, explain what exactly a web service is, and go through the process of consuming data from them. Understanding web services By its name, a Web service can […]

An easier way of performing HTTP communication

Ricardo Alcocer is a Technical Evangelist at Appcelerator and works closely with the Titanium community. He’s been developing on Titanium since 2009 and recently relocated to California from his native Puerto Rico. Ricardo will be providing regular developer and beginner blog posts, so be on the lookout for more of his work and hit him […]

The Titanium SDK and Certificate Validation

At Appcelerator we pride ourselves on our open-source platform and the freedom it gives other developers in the community to review our code. Recently, we were contacted by Sascha Fahl, a security researcher at Leibniz University concerned about some documentation in HTTPClient and the possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack with the default HTTPClient settings. As of the moment, […]

Handling Remote Data with HTTPClient and JSON

Editor’s note: This blog post is a basic tutorial. The most up-to-date version is available in the wiki. Between RESTful and SOAP based web services, there’s an endless supply of data out there just waiting for you to pick it up. Wouldn’t it be great to query this data directly from your Appcelerator app? Of […]


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