Geocoder Sample App: Now uses Alloy and Demonstrates Run-time Permissions

While building a Geo Tracker App I’ve taken the opportunity to also update the existing Titanium Geocoder sample app to use Alloy and run-time geolocation permissions. You can find this sample app in the Appcelerator Studio Dashboard and on Github. The sample demonstrates maps, geolocation and (reverse) geocoding. Enter an address to geocode and drop […]

Tracker: How to protect your global scope and still share variables

I recently started building a Geo Tracker App in Titanium to support Compassion and open-sourced the code for us all to learn from. I will guide you through the code in a series of blog posts and share some best practices as I continue to develop the app. Today I’d like to talk to you […]

Android Geolocation changes for 1.6.0

Starting with the 1.6.0 release, we will be rolling out some requested changes to the Geolocation module for Android. While these changes put more control in the hands of you application developers, there is also greater responsibility placed on you since there are structural code changes that will need to be made in order to […]


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