How to record meetups and other talks

In January my colleague Hans Knoechel talked about Hyperloop at the Amsterdam Titanium meetup. In advance, many people asked us if we could record and publish his talk and so we did: In this article, I’m going to walk you through a simple way to record and publish talks at meetups and other events. If […]

Titanium appCamp London 2013 in Review

The following guest post is from Ketan Majmudar, an active Titanium developer and organizer. He recently helped organize Titanium appCamp, a mashup of a traditional barcamp and hackathon. The details of the event are in this post. Ketan and other Titanium organizers have been instrumental in hosting several recent community-led Titanium events (see also ticonf, titokyo). There’s […]

Winners Announced: Why YOU Love Being a Mobile Developer

We were blown away to see what being a mobile app developer means to YOU. You truly are changing the mobile world every day and we are are delighted that you took the time to share why you love being a mobile developer. From changing the world with mobile apps, to reinventing your careers – […]


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