How to detect and run code specific to Genymotion Emulators

When you are running test you might need to differentiate for specific environments. For example, if you haven’t patched your Genymotion emulators to include the missing Google Apps you would need to skip any tests that use Google Play Services like for To detect which emulator you are running your code in, you can […]

New in Titanium Studio 3.3.0 – Run in Genymotion

When Titanium SDK 3.2 came out, I walked you through the process of configuring the Titanium CLI to use Genymotion as your Android emulator. Genymotion emulators are many times faster and more stable than the Android-provided ones. Now starting with Titanium Studio 3.3.0 you can test your apps using Genymotion straight from Studio, with no […]

Browser-based emulators

Picture this scenario: You’re building a cross-platform app for your client and you’re ready to show your progress. Perhaps you’d want them to see the Android version but they don’t have an Android device, or you’d like them to see the app on iOS7 but they haven’t updated their devices. Today I’d like to talk […]

Using Genymotion with Titanium 3.2

Using Genymotion with Titanium Not long ago we published a blog post about Genymotion, a clever new Android emulator implemented on top of VirtualBox. The post explained how to compile your app with Titanium, and then push it APK into Genymotion via a command-line call. With Titanium 3.2, there is preview support for Genymotion. This […]

Genymotion – An Android emulator you can use

The following guest blog post is from Titan Trevor Ward. Thanks for the contribution, Trevor. I was fortunate to attend the Titanium App Camp in Atlanta. This event was awesome and, although I was there to help out, I managed to spend sometime on Saturday evening to undertake Tech Debt. With so many of the […]

Quick Tip: Increase the storage size of your Android Emulator

Are you tired of getting this error? This happens when you’re testing your App on your Android Emulator. After a couple runs, the virtual device runs out of space, and you have to start deleting apps…pretty annoying. Well, it’s easy to fix. It’s just a matter or increasing the storage size of your virtual device. […]

Configuring Appcelerator Titanium to Use Intel x86 Images

Today’s guest post and cool Android emulator optimization tip comes from Titanium developer Mark Burggraf. Thanks for handy tips, Mark! If you have used Titanium to develop for Android, you know that the Android Emulator can be slow. The reason for this is that the Android Emulator is actually launching a virutal machine for the […]


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