Keep CALMS & DevOps: A is for Automation

To err is human! Below is a list of infamous outages, which occurred due human error: AWS S3 Outage Feb 28th 2017: “an authorized S3 team member…one of the inputs to the command was entered incorrectly” [source:]Knight Capital Group $440m glitch: “The incident happened due to a technician forgetting to copy the new Retail […]

Keep CALMS & DevOps: C is for Culture

Some might call me an armchair football fan. I know all the teams, facts and figures, I’m good at Fantasy Football, but please don’t ask me to play the game! The same could be said about me and DevOps. But, one of the reasons I was asked to champion this topic is that there is […]

Keep CALMS and DevOps

A number of years ago as part of a transformation we were undergoing, I was championing the cultural shift towards a DevOps philosophy. As part of this championing, I published a number of internal blogs. I’m publishing them externally now as I believe the philosophy still relevant today… Why DevOps? The world is a rapidly […]


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