Building a Geo Tracker App in Titanium

I have big plans this summer. I hope to cycle 400km through Rwanda (Africa) and rais €10,000 in funds for Compassion, a children aid charity. Obviously this means I’m on my bike a lot these days. I’ve been tracking all my rides using Ride with GPS from the start, but a few weeks ago I […]

Custom Error Pages for Arrow Web

Arrow Web is part of the Arrow family and the successor of Node.ACS. It allows you to add additional public routes to an Arrow Builder Application to serve as front-ends to pretty much anything from a custom CMS to manage ArrowDB data or websites consuming Arrow APIs like we’ve done for the University, Developer Portal […]

How to restrict an app to specific Titanium & Alloy versions

You set the Titanium SDK version to compile your app with in tiapp.xml. If it’s an Alloy app you can set the Alloy version to compile with. If you use the stand-alone Titanium CLI then it will use whatever version of the stand-alone Alloy CLI you have installed. If you use the unified Appcelerator CLI […]

How to change the color of links in Attributed Strings

Since Titanium 3.2 you can use Attributed Strings on iOS and in 4.0 we added support for Android. They are a great alternative for using heavy WebViews to display formatted text. Links in Attributed Strings Attributed Strings can also include links. By listening to the link event of a label you can handle the link, […]

Contributing to Appcelerator Products

Open Source Software is the foundation of the Appcelerator Platform. Titanium, Alloy, as well as many of our Titanium Modules and Arrow Connectors are open source. We are in the progress of making some improvements to how you can contribute to our products. In this post I’ll walk you through the different ways in which […]

Alloy 1.8 relocates i18n and platform directories

The upcoming Appcelerator CLI 5.2.1 will include a significant update of Alloy, which is already available if you use the Titanium & Alloy CLI directly from NPM. This also fixes the breaking change in Titanium SDK 5.2.0 that caused i18n and platform directories in Alloy Themes and Widgets to no longer be used. Everything Alloy […]

How to create a Tab Group Menu specific to the selected Tab on Android

Titanium supports TabGroup for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile Web. But since Titanium uses 100% Native UI Components how they look and work depends on the target platform. How a TabGroup works on iOS On iOS the top Navigation Bar belongs to the Window of the active Tab. It displays the Window title and […]

Understanding the Unified Appcelerator CLI

With the launch of the Appcelerator Platform 4.0 we introduced the Unified Appcelerator CLI. This new appc[elerator] CLI replaced the ti[titanium], alloy and acs CLIs. But then, it also didn’t. And that can be confusing, in particular when you are updating after a new release. So, let’s find out how the Unified CLI works. The […]


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