SalesCre8 Drives Car Appraisals Across National Borders

SalesCre8 GmbH is a German-based consultancy and IT solution provider that works with more than 600 dealerships, importers and commercial fleet owners around the world. SalesCre8’s flagship product, Solution for Automotive Management (SAM), streamlines the vehicle management lifecycle from sourcing to sales. Because vehicle remarketing can be a tedious and time consuming process within that […]

Secant App Spotlight – Home Automation Control Using ACS

When we talk about next-generation mobile apps, we infer a certain amount of practical utility and value realization. Sure, first generation apps like Angry Birds and Words with Friends kept us entertained, but their functional value is questionable. The Secant Home Automation app, however, is about as next-generation as it gets. Developed by Underlabs in […]


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