CI/CD or to the Moon and Back

If you’ve ever visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, then you’ve undoubtedly been totally awestruck at the size and magnitude of the engineering effort that it took to land man on the moon. (Okay, let’s politely ignore the conspiracy theories.) The iconic image of Neil Armstrong taking his “one small step” from the “Eagle” […]

Airport Chatter App Spotlight – A Global Airport App for Travelers

As we approach the end of 2012, the data is in that more Americans are traveling this end of year than last. AAA projects that 93.3 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the year-end holidays, with the number of those traveling by air increasing by 4.5% over last year. The […]

Secant App Spotlight – Home Automation Control Using ACS

When we talk about next-generation mobile apps, we infer a certain amount of practical utility and value realization. Sure, first generation apps like Angry Birds and Words with Friends kept us entertained, but their functional value is questionable. The Secant Home Automation app, however, is about as next-generation as it gets. Developed by Underlabs in […]

Mobility and Big Data – A Match Made in … Cloud

Guest article contributed by Peter Rogers, Principal Architect at Cognizant As a principal architect at Cognizant, I spend much of my time helping large enterprises with their mobility, cloud and social strategies. I also have a passion for anything related to Big Data, and I follow this evolving domain with great interest. – In fact […]

Appcelerator acquires Cocoafish

Today, we announced that Appcelerator has acquired Cocoafish, a cloud services company which provides a variety of very useful services to mobile (or any) clients through a simple REST API, with no server-side code. To learn more about Cocoafish, check out their website. For more information on how Cocoafish fits into the family here at […]

We’re Making Cloud Connected Mobility Easier by Partnering with Engine Yard

This morning we announced that we’re making it easier for Titanium developers to rapidly develop and deploy scalable mobile apps with Engine Yard, the leading Ruby on Rails development platform for the cloud. In our January 2011 survey, 87% of you told us that you were interested in connecting apps to the cloud — so […]


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