Please Review: Proposed License Agreement Changes

Your voice was heard. A couple of weeks was too long to wait for unequivocal clarification of our licensing issues. I asked the team to make resolving the confusion our #1 priority and they have delivered. As promised, I want to be fully transparent with you given some of the confusion between what’s “free” versus […]

Support Migration Plan

If you are an Appcelerator Support subscriber, please note that recent changes to our support plans will have some impact on your current level of service – please check out this post on the Think Mobile blog for further details. Thanks!

Layout Changes for 2.0

Hey Titanium Developers, One area where we have really strived to improve in 2.0 is in unifying and normalizing the behavior of UI controls across platforms. This effort has resulted in much more consistent behavior between platforms overall, and will give developers more control over the behavior of UI components. However, as we made changes […]

UDID Changes for 2.0

Hi Titanium Developers, The Titanium 2.0 release is just around the corner! One of the changes coming in this release covers the way in which we uniquely identify devices for our integrated analytics product. Apple has recently made changes to their review process affecting applications that use the unique device identifier property, now deprecated in […]

Changes to filesystem on iOS

With the release of Titanium 1.7.0, there have been some changes put in place on iOS to help with relative and absolute path resolution for files on device, and to allow better cross-platform development by interpreting paths and providing directory information the same way that Titanium on Android does. Previously, file operations on iOS were […]

Facebook Module Changes in Titanium Mobile 1.6.0

(Our Stephen Tramer contributed the portion of this article that concerns Facebook authentication in iOS.) Titanium Mobile 1.6.0 (currently in its release-candidate stage) contains an upgraded Facebook module which uses new authentication features on both Android and iOS as well as a new set of methods to retrieve and submit data. Our new API documentation […]


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