API Builder: Geocode Your API Requests

API Builder provides a dashboard for viewing your API Analytics. An example is show below. The analytics provide useful information, such as which API was called, its response time and which container serviced the API request. However, it would be nice to know where, geographically, the API request came from. This information could be used to determine […]

API Builder 4.0 Standalone – From Zero to Dockerized Microservice

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to use API Builder Standalone to go from zero to a Dockerized API Builder service that can be run in any Docker-compatible infrastructure. In this example, we’ll use MongoDB as our data source. You will need to have a MongoDB instance with a database already created with at […]

Two-Way SMS Messages with API Builder & Twilio

In a prior blog post, we introduced the API Builder Twilio Connector and how to use it to send SMS text messages from API Builder. However, what if you want the user to be able to opt-out of receiving text messages or ask a question of the user via SMS and have the user respond […]

API Builder and MQTT for IoT – Part 1

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol and is the de facto communication protocol for IoT. While you could use HTTP(S) on an IoT device, it is pull-based only, while MQTT is push-based (actually subscribe/publish). So, for example, with HTTP, the IoT device would need to constantly ask (pull) if a change […]

API Builder Development with Cloud9 – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the basic concept and benefits of developing API Builder projects using Cloud9, namely: Develop in the cloud from any computer with a browserCollaborate with other developers Built-in IDE, terminal, file manager, … Your API Builder APIs are easily accessible by web sites or mobile apps even during development […]

ArrowDB Connector Dev & Production Environments

When you create an API Builder project you will find that the ArrowDB Connector is installed in your project. If you don’t find it already installed, you can always install it from the command line using the following command: appc install connector/appc.arrowdb Behind the scenes, when you created the API Builder project, an ArrowDB noSQL […]

API Builder Spreadsheet Import

Currently API Builder does not provide a means of importing data into a model from a spreadsheet. For example, if you have an ArrowDB model and want to populate it with data from a spreadsheet, you need to manually populate the data via POST API calls. In this blog post, we’ll discuss one method of […]

Using JavaScript Promises in Titanium

This guest post was authored by Adam Paxton and originally published on adampaxton.com. Adam is a freelance mobile app developer for Polanco Media, and an Appcelerator Titan. You can follow him on Twitter at @adampax. In this tutorial, we are going to take the xhr.js library we built in Creating an Alloy Library for Appcelerator […]


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