API Builder Development with Cloud9 – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the basic concept and benefits of developing API Builder projects using Cloud9, namely: Develop in the cloud from any computer with a browserCollaborate with other developers Built-in IDE, terminal, file manager, … Your API Builder APIs are easily accessible by web sites or mobile apps even during development […]

API Builder Spreadsheet Import

Currently API Builder does not provide a means of importing data into a model from a spreadsheet. For example, if you have an ArrowDB model and want to populate it with data from a spreadsheet, you need to manually populate the data via POST API calls. In this blog post, we’ll discuss one method of […]

Using Faker for Mock Data

In a prior post, we discussed how to use mock data for your API. This post describes how to use faker in an API Builder Custom API to provide mock data for your application developers, so they can proceed with their work while you build out your backend and API infrastructure. In this post, I […]

Arrow Builder Debugging Tip – ngrok Secure Tunnel to localhost

During the development of Arrow Builder APIs, you are often running and debugging your Arrow Builder project locally on your machine prior to publishing. This development flow makes it convenient for debugging, as you have immediate and instantaneous access to console logging. However, accessing your APIs from a local mobile device or a remote mobile […]

Arrow Builder API Development with Cloud9

The Arrow Builder API development flow is to develop, run and test your APIs on your local machine using your favorite text editor and the command line. When your API is ready for deployment, you then publish your Arrow project to the Appcelerator cloud (Public, VPC or on-prem). Cloud9 combines a powerful online code editor […]

Arrow Composite Model POST

Currently in Arrow Builder, create (e.g. POST), is not supported for Composite models. However, using a pre-block we can support the POST (and UPDATE) request and implement any transaction logic required. Take an employee model: var Arrow = require(‘arrow’); var Model = Arrow.createModel(’employee’, { fields: { fname: { type: String }, lname: { type: String […]

Arrow ‘Alloy SDK’ Example

This blog provides an example of how to implement an Arrow Client Side ‘Alloy’ SDK in your Appcelerator mobile app project. By the end of the example, you’ll be able to create mobile/client apps that are able to consume data with no coding! I mean, literally: no looping through arrays, lists, or creating loops in […]

Using an Arrow API Mockup to Remove Development Bottlenecks

Your mobile app developers are starting a project and need access to an API. However, you’re not ready to develop the API. Perhaps the backend data source is not deployed yet or your API development team is tied up with other projects. You also would like to avoid too much rework, so whatever you create […]


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