Key Takeaways from Apple’s Latest Event

Since its launch last year, many people have been wondering how Apple could improve on the iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 — yesterday we found out with the announcement of not one but four new products: Apple Watch Series 4 iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max iPhone Xr Apple Watch Series 4 The Watch […]

Reporting from #WWDC16

The WWDC is rocking San Francisco this week and our two engineers Kiat and Hans have the pleasure to attend it this year. After two days done and three more to come, they would like to give you a brief overview about new technologies and – most important – the way we plan to integrate […]

Extensions and Apple WatchKit Support

Earlier today, Apple announced their updated product line, and with it, the much anticipated Apple Watch. Amongst other things, you’ll be able to use this watch to receive notifications, answer phone calls and talk to Siri, as well as use it as a fitness activity tracker. If you missed the event, you can catch the […]

Apple Watch, iOS 8 & Other Key Takeaways from Apple’s Latest

Was there an announcement this week? Something about a watch? In fact, despite what looks to be an impressive wearable debut, the real disruptor may prove to be Apple Pay. But first a word on what this all means for Titanium and the Appcelerator Platform: On September 5th we released our beta support for iOS […]

Apple Announces Record iPad Sales, Big Impact for Enterprise

Apple recently announced its Q3 2012 earnings and, depending on who you asked, it was either great news or slightly disappointing.  On the disappointing side, Apple surprisingly fell short of Wall Street expectations pulling in $35 billion in revenue compared to the predicted $37.2 billion, and selling just 26 million iPhones to Wall Street’s prediction […]

In the clear: Apple opens up iOS to all developers

Dear Titanium Community – This morning, Apple issued a positive clarification to its terms of service that relaxes its restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps. We believe this provides a strong endorsement for developer innovation, reinforces Apple’s long-term platform advantage, and benefits consumers as the ultimate arbiters of quality in the […]

Titanium and iPhone OS 4

Good news! After almost 2 weeks of trials and tribulations, we’ve finally figured out the magic combination to make Titanium work across iPhone OS 4 (every beta version to date) plus older iPhone OS 3 devices. While this *should have* been very easy, some major changes to the XCode toolchain, gcc, ABI compatibility and lots […]

Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash: Our thoughts

I wanted to provide everyone an update on the issues related to the iPhone 4.0 Terms of Service. While we have yet to receive any formal word from Apple as it relates to Titanium, this morning, Steve Jobs posted some thoughts on why Apple is banning Flash on the iPhone/iPad. The focus of the article […]
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