4 Easy to Overlook Reasons Your App was Rejected

So you’ve designed your own mobile app, now what? The brunt of the work is done, but there are still some hoops to jump through before you can actually ship your creation out to market. Namely, get it approved by the app store of your choosing so your users can actually locate and get their […]

RC Release of Titanium SDK 6.3.0 & CLI 6.30

Today, we published Release Candidate versions of Axway Titanium SDK and Axway Appcelerator CLI – both the CLI core and the CLI node package were updated. The releases include 9 features, 36 bug fixes, and 8 improvements. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes: Axway Titanium SDK 6.3.0 […]

Titanium 101: Building Native Apps with JavaScript

Note: This post was originally published on Medium. Rene Pot is an Appcelerator Titan, long time member of the Titanium community, and runs the Slack Titanium Channel @Ti_Slack. For more, you can follow him on Medium and Twitter. So, you want to build mobile apps? JavaScript and the idea of wrapping a website in a […]

Optimising Titanium App File Sizes

In this post, Jason Kneen describes some simple techniques that can be used to reduce Titanium application file size.

5 Books to Help You Master Titanium

Whether you’re new to Titanium or you’ve been using the Platform for years, there is always an opportunity to learn something new, try out a new feature or gain inspiration from what others are doing. If you want to get back to the basics of Titanium or tackle a new challenge, here is a roundup […]

The Body Shop’s Fresh Take on Lasting Customer Relationships

Everywhere they turn, today’s shoppers are bombarded with offers from retailers competing for their attention. For a brand, cutting through all that noise has never been more difficult. Recognizing this, The Body Shop’s Switzerland stores saw an opportunity for a different approach: one that focused on better understanding their customers and building relationships, not blasting […]

Titanium 5.5.0 Sample App

In coordination with Apple’s release earlier this month, we released Titanium 5.5.0.GA with support for new features in iOS 10 and Xcode 8 including: Support new CoreSpotlight APIs Support RefreshControl in Ti.UI.ScrollView Expose new Ti.UI.Pasteboard APIs Support for new WatchConnectivity features Expose new visual effects on Ti.UI.iOS.BlurView Support for searching indexed searchable items using the CSSearchQuery API […]

Titanium 5.2.0 Sample App

Yesterday we released Titanium 5.2.0.GA with over 30 new features. We have also published a series of walkthroughs in the weeks following the release: Launch Files, iPad Pro, Slide Over and Split View, Feb 25 Live Photos, Feb 29 Google Maps StreetView Panorama, March 1 Android Activity & Shared Element Transitions, March 3 Wrap-up of […]


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