Forekast: “How Appcelerator Increased Our Sign-up Rate 200 Percent”

The Forekast team demonstrates that it’s possible to build quality native mobile apps with few development resources—here’s how

Appcelerator Community Innovations: “Quit Toolbox”

With so many creative and useful apps being built every day with Appcelerator tools, it can be hard to keep up with it all. We love to hear from innovators who are developing great mobile products that solve real-world problems and make life better for their end users. And these people are all over the […]

Featured App – reblasts

Today’s featured spotlight comes from the guys behind the reblasts app (Android | iPhone). The reblasts app allows real estate professionals to connect with one another and keep up-to-date with listings and real estate news. Hear more about how the team built this cross-platform app from the ground up using Titanium. Tell us about your […]

Featured Developer – ArtistBox

Today’s featured blog post comes from the creators of ArtistBox, Lucica Ibanescu and Titan Dan Tamas. ArtistBox is a sexy Titanium app that provides detailed information, news and music from your favorite artists. Learn more about their experience with Titanium below. We’d like to share with you our story on how we built ArtistBox and […]

Airport Chatter App Spotlight – A Global Airport App for Travelers

As we approach the end of 2012, the data is in that more Americans are traveling this end of year than last. AAA projects that 93.3 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the year-end holidays, with the number of those traveling by air increasing by 4.5% over last year. The […]

Secant App Spotlight – Home Automation Control Using ACS

When we talk about next-generation mobile apps, we infer a certain amount of practical utility and value realization. Sure, first generation apps like Angry Birds and Words with Friends kept us entertained, but their functional value is questionable. The Secant Home Automation app, however, is about as next-generation as it gets. Developed by Underlabs in […]

myZings App Spotlight: The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell from Your Mobile Device

Winner of an Active Titan mobile innovation award at CODESTRONG 2012, Titanium Titan Javier Rayon is revolutionizing the mobile marketplace with his creation of the myZings app. As Rayon explains, “Most web marketplaces require a lot of time to post an online listing. First you need to register with the site by filling out a web form. Then […]

London 2012 App Changes How We Follow The Summer Olympics

The iTunes App Store premiered with just over 500 apps the summer of 2008, just days before the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies.  This marked the first time third-party apps were available for the then year-old iPhone. Four years later, as the world prepares for the London Games, we find ourselves in the midst of an […]
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