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Blackbaud deployed the Appcelerator Platform to create a suite of new apps. Developers were able to use existing skills to immediately begin delivering results. According to VP of Engineering Larry Mishkin, “Developers are scarce right now – mobile developers are even more so. But because we have Appcelerator, I can bring somebody in who just has JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and train them up quickly.”

Safeguard Case Study

Working with Appcelerator, Safeguard embarked on a transformative mobile program that’s yielded increases in both company productivity and customer satisfaction. Contractors now fill out surveys as they go within the mobile app, resulting in inspections that are both faster and higher quality. Case Study selected the Appcelerator Platform for the lifecycle automation that allowed them to build and test apps faster with fewer resources.

Bracket Case Study

The Appcelerator Platform covered everything Bracket was looking for plus it allowed them to manage the entire lifecycle in a unified solution rather than having to integrate a host of tools for development, test, mobile analytics, and other key mobile services such as offline synchronization.