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Build native mobile apps for any OS, using JavaScript.

Indie Seat

Single seat. A great place for solo devs to start.

Titanium & Hyperloop
Appcelerator Studio IDE
API Builder
1 month history for user analytics
Public forum support


Pro Seat

Serious power. Perfect for growing mobile businesses.

Everything in 'Indie', plus:
Multi-seat collaboration
App Designer
App Preview
3 month history for user analytics
Chat & email support

$99 /seat /mo Paid annually

Select number of seats:

Enterprise Seat

Premium support, customizable set-up, enterprise scale.

Everything in 'Pro', plus:
Organize apps, users, and data by teams
Crash detection & performance analytics
Mobile test automation (available)
Elite support levels, inc SLAs
Cloud Capacity and Mobile Services

Add instant, elastic infrastructure and services for all your mobile needs.

  • Container Points points4
  • Push Calls calls /mo100,000
  • API Calls calls /mo500,000
  • Database Storage GB1
  • File Storage GB10
Enterprise Cloud Capacity

Our enterprise plans for cloud capacity and mobile backend services have you covered.

Higher cloud capacity limits
Virtual private or on-premises deployment
Premium support
Elite service level agreements (SLAs)
Support for multi-region global deployments
Safe harbor compliance

Select billing preference:

Team Bundle

Get rolling quickly and save with this popular configuration. You can add bundles as needed.

1 Pro seat
Generous Cloud capacity (per bundle):
1 million push notifications (monthly)
3 million API calls (monthly)
5 GB cloud storage
100 GB file storage
16 container points

$259 /bundle /mo

Paid annually

Select number of bundles:

Select billing preference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. Downgrades will be effective as of your next renewal date.

Do I have to buy cloud capacity?

No. If you’re looking only for front-end (client) development, and don’t have any need for push notifications, cloud storage, or any other cloud service, there’s no need to purchase cloud capacity.

If I don’t buy cloud capacity now, can I come back and add it later?

Of course!

Do I need to have a seat in order to use cloud services?

Nope! If you need only the cloud backend, you can buy just a cloud capacity plan and use with the front-end technology of your choice.

Is there a limit to how many Indie seats I can have?

Yes. The Indie plan delivers a single seat that cannot see or share work with other seats. It is a great choice for solo devs working on independent projects.

How are renewals managed?

Plans are renewed annually automatically.

How does purchasing additional seats affect my renewal date?

If you add additional Pro or Enterprise seats to your account, the new seat(s) will have the same renewal date as your original Pro or Enterprise plan. The cost of the new Pro or Enterprise seat(s) will be prorated accordingly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Is there a charge per target mobile platform/OS?

No way! Every seat in every plan allows for development to all supported mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.

When it comes to stewed prunes, are three enough? Are four too many?

Go easy when using any kind of stewed fruit.
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Deliver great, native cross-platform apps at mobile speed


Built for Mobile

Purpose-built from the ground up on the principles of mobile and cloud to meet the needs of a post-web world.


True Native

Build fully native apps using JavaScript, with no hybrid compromises.


No Charges for Additional Platforms

Each Appcelerator plan lets you build mobile apps for all supported target operating systems (including mobile web), without any additional fee.


Full-stack JavaScript

Use one of the most popular and fastest growing languages for both client and backend development.


Open & Extensible

Built on open-standards, full access to the underlying mobile OS, vibrant marketplace for Platform extensions.


Everything You Need for One Price

Don’t want to pay for and stitch together multiple offerings from multiple vendors? Our Platform lets you build, connect, test, and monitor your apps all for a single price.

Start Free, Grow From There.

Experience full Platform power.


We have plans for every organization of any size




$99 /seat /mo


Call 1 (877) 909-4589 / 1 (650) 200-4255

Titanium: Write in Javascript, run native on iOS, Android, and Windows
Unlimited apps
Certified SDK releases
API Builder
App engagement & usage analytics
Analytics data retention 1 month 3 months 2 years
Analytics data export
Appcelerator Studio IDE
Debugging, code autocomplete, one-click build
Measure apps built in other native SDKs (iOS or Android)
Premium app modules
Number of seats allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-seat collaboration
App Designer
App Preview 1 App / 20 Devices Customizable
Organize apps, users, and data by teams
Crash detection & performance analytics
Multi-year plans Available
Executive Insights: analytics for business stakeholders Available
Mobile test automation Available
Support Public Forums Chat & Email Elite support levels
Indie Pro Enterprise
All plans include our comprehensive mobile analytics dashboard with one million monthly analytic events. We find this is more than enough for most customers. If your needs exceed these limits, contact us to discuss a custom plan tailored to your needs.
computer and tablet showing Appcelerator software
Start free, grow from there.