Appcelerator and Teens in Tech Labs Team Up For 2nd Annual Teens in Tech Incubator

New Startups From Teens In Tech Incubator to Launch at 2012 Teens in Tech Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – August 6, 2012 – Appcelerator®, the leading mobile platform, announced today that it is wrapping up hosting the second annual Teens in Tech Incubator. The eight-week summer program, housed at Appcelerator’s Mountain View headquarters, allows teams of teenaged entrepreneurs to experience what it means to start a company and build their product. The Teens in Tech Incubator teams will be launching publicly at the 2012 Teens in Tech Conference on August 9th in Palo Alto.

The Teens in Tech Conference brings together young entrepreneurs from around the world as well as groundbreaking speakers, partners, and sponsors to discuss future innovations in technology and entrepreneurship. This year’s conference will feature a variety of speakers including Appcelerator Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Haynie, MySocialCloud Co-Founder Stacey Ferreira, and a keynote presentation from Gumroad Founder and CEO Sahil Lavingia.  Along with Appcelerator, Teens in Tech Conference sponsors include Chevrolet, Oracle, Meshin, PARC (a Xerox Company), and others.

The Teens in Tech Conference will feature demos from the eight-week Teens in Tech Incubator program. Four teams of entrepreneurs under age 19 will present the companies and products they’ve developed with the help of over 60 top startup mentors worldwide, seed funding, Appcelerator office space, and a vibrant community of experienced entrepreneurs.

The participating teams featured at this year’s Teens in Tech Incubator will include:

Clipped: Built with Appcelerator Titanium, Clipped is a patent-pending text summarization algorithm that aims to change the way information is consumed on mobile devices. Clipped extracts the most important information from web pages, and generates a bullet-pointed summary of the article or document, thus making them simpler to read and understand.

GoalHawk: A social goal achievement platform that provides users with step-by-step interactive programs to reach their desired goals. In addition to the content provided, GoalHawk also links the user to 3-5 of their closest Facebook friends to hold them accountable to reaching their goal.

7D: Educating the creators of websites, and mobile applications about design. 7D will launch with a “Design Fundamentals” course that covers the theories behind design, the tools designers’ use, and the design process

Operius : A Google Chrome extension that places collaborative and frictionless task management into the convenience of your inbox. It leverages Google API’s in order for you to easily access contact information, documents, relevant emails, and calendar events from any of your contacts.

Founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Labs, Daniel Brusilovsky said, “This year’s Incubator program demonstrates that with hard work and the support of the right people, you can build promising and innovative companies in just eight weeks time,”

“I started my first company when I was 14, so hosting the Teens in Tech Incubator at our office is a joy and a privilege,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator.  “These teens are inspiring to would-be entrepreneurs of all ages, showing that you can innovate and change the world at any age.”

Looking ahead, Teens in Tech Labs is working on a platform to enable global expansion in partnership with Appcelerator.  “The entire Appcelerator team has provided great mentorship for our incubator program, and we are really excited about our future partnership.” said Brusilovsky.

About Teens in Tech Labs:

Teens in Tech Labs provides tools and resources to young entrepreneurs to help encourage entrepreneurship at a young age. The company was founded on the premise that entrepreneurship doesn’t happen at a certain age, or a certain location — it happens everywhere. Teens in Tech Labs operates the Teens in Tech Conference, Teens in Tech Incubator and other ventures. The company is based in Mountain View, CA. For more information, head over to

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