Appcelerator Celebrates Back-to-School with Cool New Apps for Students

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. — August 7, 2012 – Appcelerator, the leading mobile platform company, today announced new releases of several education-themed mobile applications developed on its Titanium platform. Over half of all school-age children and nearly all teenagers have access to mobile devices, providing developers with the opportunity to create apps that enhance the education experience. Offering everything from study tools to video lectures, these apps prepare students of all grade-levels for the new school year. 

With the 1:1 Learning Initiative paving the way for technology in classrooms, we are seeing an increase in useful, beautifully designed educational apps built on Titanium,” said CEO Jeff Haynie, Appcelerator. “As mobile devices become more common place, we are looking forward to seeing how these apps will change the way students interact with study materials, learn to think critically, and have fun while gaining confidence.

To deliver mobile apps that facilitate new learning methods, Appcelerator’s developers leveraged Titanium, an open source platform that enables web developers to rapidly build mobile apps from a single code base. Because developers are able to reuse up to 80 percent of the codebase, they are able to deploy apps on multiple operating systems, allowing students access to these educational apps,  regardless of the device they are using.

“We’ve heard from students that they find the UWM Mobile app incredibly valuable.  They are able to log into the app and pull up their course schedule, for example, and plot the location of courses on a campus map,” said Michael Hostad, Director of Web and Mobile Services at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. “Students have remarked that they feel better not having to carry a piece of paper that screams ‘freshmen.’  They can look at their phone and be like any other student, only they’re looking where to go next.”

The following exemplifies the variety of apps developed on Appcelerator’s Titanium platform to prepare students as they go back-to-school:

Apps for the Classroom

  • Flashcards+ is a free app that allows iPhone and Android users to replicate the flashcard study methods they use on paper, on their mobile devices. Users can create customer decks, track cards they have memorized, mark those they need to review, and shuffle the deck by shaking the device. Designed in association with Harvard University faculty and students, Flashcards+ taps into’s vast database of over 8.5 million prepared decks. Flashcards award-winning human voice synthesizer, which features 22 languages in multiple dialects and both genders, allows students to practice pronunciation as well. Flashcards+ can be downloaded for the iPhone here.
  • Mobile MBA works in conjunction with the book ‘Mobile MBA’ from Pearson Education and Prentice Hall. Developed by Skill Pill M-Learning, the app includes a library of videos, social networking tools, and short text excerpts. Covering a wide range of topics, including marketing, finance, accounting, operations, and technology, the Mobile MBA app provides succinct overviews of essential business and work-related skills for the 150,000 Mobile MBA textbook user-base. Mobile MBA Users can download the app for $5 in the App Store.

Apps for College Students

  • UWM Mobile allows University of Wisconsin-Milwauke students and faculty to access a calendar of events, course listings, a campus map, bus schedules, and a faculty directory. The app has a student login with access to the mobile versions of the campus bookstore and student website. Students can also use the app to check the availability of computers in the campus computer labs and laundry machines in the dormitories. UWM students can get the app for free from the App Store.

Apps for High School Athletics

  • Brother Rice Mobile provides iPhone and Android device owners an interface with immediate access to essential sports information from Brother Rice High School. Alumni, students and fans can view photos, videos, and Facebook and Twitter feeds for the Brother Rice sports teams. The Brother Rice Mobile app is available on both the iPhone and Android devices.
  • EHS Mobile provides immediate mobile access to essential information from Cincinnati Elder High School Athletics. It was also the first high school sports app to feature live video broadcasting in 2010. EHS Mobile is available on both the Apple and Android devices.

About Appcelerator
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