Appcelerator Winning Streak Continues With Honors From OnMobile and Momentum Index

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Jun 14, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Appcelerator announced today that it has been selected as the AlwaysOn OnMobile “Company of the Year” for 2012-2013, out of 100 companies reviewed and was also named by the Momentum Index as one of the top 10 open-source companies, ranking second out of ten. To date this year the company has garnered more than a dozen industry awards and accolades, including the prestigious 2012 Edison Award for Innovation. Appcelerator’s flagship product, the Titanium(TM) integrated mobile platform, is used by more than 1.6 million web developers to build native, hybrid and HTML5 mobile apps. Integrated Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides users with a wide array of automatically scaled network features and data objects for their apps.

“The fact that Appcelerator has won so many industry awards this year is not just an honor but a spur to continuing to develop the best, most innovative mobile platform available today,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “Only by anticipating our customers’ needs for things such as new features and functionality, coverage of more devices, and greater ROI can we keep our Titanium development platform and ACS at the forefront of the market.”

OnMobile noted that the company’s “unique, cross-platform mobile application environment coupled with a robust cloud service lets developers focus on innovation instead of infrastructure.” The organization said that what really makes Appcelerator a standout is its acquisition of Cocafish this year. Now rather than setting up and managing their own cloud servers on Amazon or Google, any developer, regardless of development platform, can connect to Appcelerator’s feature set. Appcelerator’s unique blend of a reliable, robust development platform; application development framework; and cloud-based infrastructure make it a natural choice upon which developers can build apps, OnMobile concluded.

The Momentum Index ranked Appcelerator second in its list of top-10 open-source companies that it believes have significant long-term potential, based on the way the company “combines mobile and open source to support 1.3 million developers and 30,000 applications.” The list comprises companies that the Momentum Index believes have significant long-term potential, and the Index was particularly impressed where mobile meets open source.

Titanium is the first mobile platform to combine the flexibility of open source development technologies with the power of cloud services. The latest release, Titanium 2.0, includes ACS and support for HTML5 mobile web apps. The product drastically simplifies the process of integrating a broad range of cloud services into mobile apps — enabling not only Titanium developers but also any native or mobile web developer to quickly create, configure and deploy rich, cloud-connected mobile apps for any device and any platform.

By enabling developers to build a mobile application once and have it run on many devices, Titanium significantly cuts time-to-market and application-development costs, enabling rapid development of both enterprise and consumer mobile apps. Titanium apps harness a broad array of device-specific features and cloud services that enhance app utility with a rich user experience and deep level of engagement.

About Appcelerator
Appcelerator’s Titanium is the leading mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies seizing the mobile opportunity. With more than 40,000 applications deployed on 50 million devices, Appcelerator’s award-winning Titanium Platform leverages over 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create native iOS and Android apps, and HTML5 mobile web apps. Customers who standardize on the Titanium Platform get to market 70% faster and can quickly optimize business results with analytics-driven insights into user behavior and app performance. Open and fully extensible, Titanium makes it easy to integrate data, content and services from a variety of sources into mobile applications to leverage best-of-breed capabilities. Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides instant social, location, communication and content features for user-centric mobility. Appcelerator’s worldwide ecosystem includes 300,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and integration partners. Please visit .

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