Appcelerator’s CODESTRONG 2012 Mobile Conference Reaches Over 5,500 Members of the Worldwide Mobile Community

The World’s Best and Brightest in Mobile Gathered to Network, Learn and Collaborate — Highlighting Leading Edge Technology Partnerships, Enterprise Customer Successes, Mobile Innovation and Industry Thought Leadership

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Oct 30, 2012) – Appcelerator®, the leading open-source mobile platform company, announced today the success of its mobile conference, CODESTRONG. More than 600 attendees from all over the world, including United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Egypt, Japan, and Mexico, gathered together for two days of executive keynotes, more than thirty breakout sessions and networking with “movers and shakers” in the mobile community in San Francisco on Oct. 22-23. Over 100 developers also participated in a “Hack-to-Help” charity event on Oct. 21 that generated over $500,000 worth of custom mobile apps for charities like the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Special Olympics. Additionally, more than 5,000 people attended via the event’s video stream to watch live. A few celebrities even made an appearance, including The Office’s Rainn Wilson and Josh Pence of The Social Network and other Hollywood blockbusters.

“The exponential growth and electrifying excitement happening right now in mobile was definitely reflected in this year’s conference,” said Appcelerator CEO Jeff Haynie. “It’s humbling and inspiring to be in the center of such an amazing community where developers, enterprises and technology partners connect, learn and innovate. Emphasizing our mission to enable developers and enterprises to deliver mobile transformation to the world, CODESTRONG empowered our ecosystem — from indie developers to tech giants, and everything in between — I’ve never before felt energy like that in one place.”

CODESTRONG provided the perfect forum for Appcelerator to salute its devoted developer community and booming partner program, as the company announced partnerships with Microsoft, AT&T, Denso, RIM, and Red Hat. Executive keynotes painted the future of mobile and provided industry insights. Attendees created a buzz across their social networks while attending breakout sessions where they learned how to win bigger mobile deals, design ultimate user experiences, and other best practices in mobile. Additionally, members of the community were recognized through the Mobile Innovator Awards.

Appcelerator provided special recognition to those who have contributed most to the mobile developer community this year:

  • Prolific Contributor: Aaron Saunders
  • Contribution to the Titanium Platform: Russ Frank
  • Contribution to Marketplace: Ruben Fonseca
  • Innovation in Platform Integration: ForgedUI, David Bankier
  • Community Leadership: Ketan Majmuran, Pratik Patel, Kaz Konno, Sivakumar Veerappan
  • Titanium Education: Trevor Ward, Boydlee Pollentine
  • Titanium Evangelism: Jeff Bonnes
  • Active Titan Award: Ben Bahrenberg, Dan Tamas, Javier Rayon, Shannon Hicks, Angus Fox
  • Partner Award: iTexico, GlobalLogic
  • Q&A Active Participation Award: Ivan Skugor, Minh Nguyen, Paul Dowsett, Christian Broussea
  • Best Mobile Manifesto: Stephen Feather, Vui Nguyen

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