Appcelerator CEO and COO to Visit Japanese Mobile Developer Community

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–(Sep 20, 2012) – Appcelerator®, the leading mobile platform company, today announced that CEO Jeff Haynie and COO Sandeep Johri will be visiting Japan to engage with the region’s thriving mobile developer community. Haynie and Johri will meet with key system integration partners, as well as several large Japanese enterprises interested in leveraging Appcelerator’s expertise to empower their workforces, transform customer relationships, and mobilize business processes. Haynie and Johri will also engage with local Titanium developers at an event hosted by one of Japan’s three active developer Meetup Groups on Monday, September 24.

A key market for Appcelerator, Japan has a rapidly growing development community now totaling more than 30,000 Titanium developers, making the region Appcelerator’s second largest worldwide. A key factor contributing to the popularity of Titanium among Japan’s developers is the product’s open source architecture, which gives the developer community flexibility in their own projects and the opportunity to shape Appcelerator’s technology. Furthermore, Appcelerator’s Open Mobile Marketplace is helping to fuel Japan developer growth as developers can access more than 250 third-party offerings from mobile ecosystem partners and independent software vendor (ISV) partners.

Titanium developers based in Japan have created thousands of mobile apps. They make noteworthy contributions to the worldwide mobile developer community, including developing multiple successful gaming apps, authoring and publishing a guidebook on the Titanium platform, and translating useful training documents into the Japanese language.

“We are very excited to meet with Titanium developers in Japan. They are some of the most creative, leading-edge, gen-mobile developers in the world,” said Appcelerator CEO Jeff Haynie. “We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support and share exciting new developments with them. This market is so important for Appcelerator that Sandeep and I have decided to visit the country together to further accelerate the Japanese developer ecosystem and enterprise adoption of Titanium.”

Appcelerator’s worldwide Titanium community includes 350,000 developers located in major cities including London, Paris, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Sydney. Appcelerator cites this community as a crucial element to shaping the company’s success and the future of the mobile ecosystem as a whole.

To learn more about the Tokyo Titanium Meetup Group on September 24, 2012 at 7:30pm, visit

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