The Oracle database remains one of the most pervasive data stores across enterprises today. As enterprises adopt a mobile first strategy, access to this data is key for their mobile apps.

Oracle Database Connector

The Appcelerator Oracle Database Connector enables enterprises to connect their Appcelerator-powered mobile apps to critical enterprise datasets stored in their Oracle databases, while providing fast, secure and offline synching capabilities.

Ideal for field sales and services organizations that need access to their Oracle data, but who are often network constrained, the Appcelerator Oracle Database Connector enables enterprises to deploy enterprise-grade apps in conjunction with the Oracle Database Mobile server.

Use Cases

Field Services app, where a sales rep needs to: securely download and store data on the device for quick retrieval and perform business transactions offline, then securely auto-synch later with network access.

Medical patient record app, where a medical professional needs to have secure and up-to-the minute data on patients and update patient data on the mobile device while offline and securely synch later.

Any other business critical app where constant network access is not guaranteed.

Key Features & Benefits

Mobilize data directly from Oracle databases to access and store large data sets.

Offline access and data synchronization where data updates are cached on the device over unreliable networks, and synched when network access is available.

Secure data standards-based encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Supports both SQLite and Berkeley DB, Oracle’s high performance data store, on the mobile device.

High performance that is well suited for mission critical apps or any application where high performance and reliability are required.