Companies of all sizes are looking at how to leverage mobile to transform their customer relationships and empower workforces. Just as the web became a strategic part of your business a decade ago, mobile will become strategic part of your business tomorrow.

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We are seeing mobile follow a similar trajectory as the web did, and we call this the “mobile maturity model.” By using this model as a template, we help Global 1000 companies understand how to leverage the power of mobile and create a plan to scale mobile throughout their business in the future.

Mobile Strategy Workshop

Take this deep dive into your company’s 1-3 year strategic mobility plans. Our mobile experts will walk you through a competitive assessment to help you understand your current position in mobile, then lead you through a 3-step process to create a mobile application strategy and provide actionable advice on your future mobile plans. At the end of this workshop your team will have a blueprint for successful mobile app design, development, test, and support.

  • 2-days; Business unit, IT managers, chief marketing and mobility officers, and their teams
  • Create a roadmap to scale and measure your mobile initiatives
  • Determine the right mix of sourcing, development, and budget for your current ad future mobile requirements

Mobile Vision Workshop

Join this high level discussion about the transformative nature of mobility and mobile applications on the business process. Included is a brief competitive assessment, opportunity discovery, and adjacent industry examples. We will discuss both internally-focused (employee) applications and externally-focused (customer) applications.

  • ½ day; C-level executives and their teams
  • Maximize the impact of mobile on your business
  • Tap into Appcelerator’s mobile experts to plan your mobile strategy and prioritize your mobile investments
  • Understand how to use mobile to transform your customer relationships and mobilize your workforce