Five New Year’s resolutions to make your company a mobile leader

“In 2014, I will help my company to…”

1. Accept that the web and mobile are different.

App release velocity has moved beyond enterprise control 1 , and Forrester finds that “mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink.” 2

2. Unlock our enterprise data for mobile use.

Of developers struggling to connect to enterprise sources, 49% find data is not in a mobile-optimized format. 1

3. Give employees apps they actually want to use.

64% of employees ignore corporate mobile apps and find their own. 3

4. Acknowledge we can’t do everything in one app.

Apps and applications are different expressions of software, as Gartner says. “Apps do less than applications. That is their goal.” 4

5. Use data to improve our apps, instead of guessing what users want.

1/3 of enterprises surveyed report their apps fail to meet the needs of end users. 5

Worried your company won’t stick to these resolutions? Learn more about how to put the above into action.


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