Create your Appcelerator Tutorial

Share your expertise with other Appcelerator developers

We’ve provided some basic steps to help you create and share your video. Get started below.

  • Download the Appcelerator provided intro for your video.
  • Using your favorite video editing software, add a title slide with fade-in, fade-out effect and white bold letters with a black background
  • Add the body of your video with voice-over

Creating your content

Once you’ve created your intro and title slide, you can record your tutorial. If you are using a Mac, you can use the version of Quicktime Player that ships with OSX. Open Quicktime, go to File > New Screen Recording and select the portion of the screen you wish to record. Note: This will only record video and not audio.

Once you’ve recorded the video, you can record the audio using an application like Audacity (open source and cross-platform), or record it directly with your video editing software like iMovie.

When recording, make sure you set your screen-captured video to “fit the screen” to ensure that the edges don’t get clipped

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve created your content, add the provided outro to your video.

When you’re ready, export your movie. To optimize for readability, use a large movie format (740 x 540 or larger). You can then upload the video to YouTube and/or Vimeo. Please make sure the title includes the phrase “using Titanium”, “using Appcelerator Titanium”, “using Alloy”, or any other combination that helps the video to be indexed and found (i.e. Integrating with Facebook and Twitter using Appcelerator, Creating an instagram clone with Appcelerator, Creating widgets for Alloy, etc.).

Provide a detailed description like, “In this video you’ll learn how to convert a Javascript function into a CommonJS module, and how to use it from Titanium and Alloy.”

Your video should include any relevant tags like appcelerator, titanium, mobile, development, xml, alloy, tss, etc.

Here’s an example of what your video could look like:

Thanks for taking the time to create your video and help out your fellow Appcelerator developers. Drop us a note at and let us know about your latest video and we’ll highlight it.