Organize your Appcelerator Meetup

We’ll bring the beer, you bring the people

To show you how committed we are, we’ll give each Titanium meetup $150 (or the local currency equivalent) for food and drinks for a monthly event you host. We will also send you some snappy Appcelerator swag and help market your group to other developers in your area.

Sound good? Check out how to get started below.

Getting Started

Awesome, we’re glad you’re interested. The first step is to see if there’s already a local Titanium meetup group in your area. You can take a look at our list of meetups to see if there’s one close by.

If you don’t find one, then you’ll want to start your group by creating an online presence. Most Appcelerator meetups use for their group. Feel free to use Facebook or other platform if you’d like. We’ll cover any meetup subscription costs for your group. To get started, simply:

  • Navigate to and make sure there’s not already a group in your location
  • Create a new group and add “Appcelerator” and “Titanium” as interests
  • Create a logo for your group using our available assets (PSD of meetup icon)
  • Email to let us know about the new group
  • Let the magic ensue

Once you’ve established your group, we’ll help you drum up membership and give you some ideas on hosting your first meetup. More information below:

Hosting Your Event
Location, Location
Meetup Topics
Marketing Your Event
Have Fun!

Hosting Your Event

Now that you’ve got the Meetup page in place, it’s time to schedule your first event, find a venue and set the agenda.

It’s important to select a meeting time and place that is convenient for local Titanium developers. Generally, the best times are in the evening after work on a week-day (Monday – Thursday). It’s also important to select a day that does not conflict with other developer events. For example, you’ll want to avoid scheduling your meetup opposite any JavaScript or web development meetups that may divide your audience.

Additionally, it’s important to try and keep your meetup at the same time each month. For example, London-Titanium meets the last Tuesday of every month and this allows members to predict the meetup time in advance and build around it. This makes it easier to line up a regular venue for meetups as well.


Finding an ideal location may prove to be the most difficult part of establishing your meetup. This is especially true in large cities like London, Paris, Berlin, etc. – where developers commute into the city for work. It’s best if you can find a meeting spot that is centrally located.

Beyond a central location, here are some recommendations for a venue check-list:

  • Private room – you need a room with a door you can close to block noise/activity from the rest of the building
  • Projector & Screen – key to sharing presentations, code, apps
  • WiFi – essential to Titanium development and social networking
  • Audio – not a requirement per se, but nice to have so that you can hear any app audio/video as well as each other. (Central city locations can be noisy – so we sometimes use a microphone.)
  • Seating – initially for 30-40 people. It may be good to find a couple different venus so that you have options in case your favourite is already booked or not quite the right size for a given event.

Meetup Topics

There’s no shortage of Titanium related topics for your meetup. Once you’ve created your first group, send us an email and we will send you the latest presentation and topic that we’ve been using at meetups. You can also see some example presentations on our SlideShare account.

Some ideas that have worked well in the past include an app demo day where people share their latest app built on Titanium and walk the group through the technical details. An overview of Titanium also tends to draw a good crowd as those new to the software can get a taste of development. You can also dive deeper into a more advanced topic like Alloy or the CLI. Take a look at what other Titanium meetups are presenting to get some other ideas.

If you’re still having trouble pulling together a topic, let us know and we can have one of our platform evangelists dial into your meetup. They can provide an overview of the platform and dive deeper into a topic like Alloy or our cloud services.

Marketing Your Event

What good is a meetup if you can’t get any developers there? You’ll want to market your group and drum up some attendance. Appcelerator will help promote your group within our existing community of Titanium developers. Once you’ve established your group, send us an email and we’ll create a marketing campaign for you to highlight your group. This has worked well with other groups in the past and should help you get some initial interest.

Another good way to market your group is to reach out to other development communities (i.e. mobile development meetups, JavaScript meetups, etc.) in your area. Often times these groups are interested in hearing more about Titanium and have many members that may be interested in joining your group. will also act as a great marketing tool for you. They’ll help promote your group to other like-minded individuals and allow you to create a hub for your meetup group.

Leading up to your scheduled event and while you’re hosting the meetup, you can publicize via twitter using the #timeetup and #appcelerator hash tags. Share your story and your group and we’ll help disseminate your message to the larger Appcelerator community. We’d also love to see photos, so be sure to tweet them, post them to your meetup group and send some after the event so we can put them up on our site. You’ll also need to include some photos with your reimbursement form.

We’re anxious to hear your story as well and feature you and your app on the Appcelerator Blog. If you’re interested in contributing a story, let us know.

Reimbursement Policy

We are committed to helping you network with other Titanium developers. Appcelerator will provide reimbursement for food and drinks once a month, for up to $150 (or local currency equivalent). In order to qualify, the meetup must be centered around Titanium and have at least 15 attendees. To qualify for reimbursement, create an invoice using one of the templates below, provide receipts for your expenses and send some pictures of the event to You will also need to sign our reimbursement policy (Word | PDF) and send it to us prior to your first reimbursement. Once we receive the invoice, we’ll process your reimbursement.

Invoice reimbursement templates:

Word (EMEA) | PDF (EMEA)
Word (rest of world) | PDF (rest of world)

Have Fun!

Now the most important thing is to have fun! As we’ve said, we’re always amazed at the cool apps and technology Titanium developers are working on. We appreciate your willingness to help organize events and we hope that you find this opportunity meaningful. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to contact us at Now go have fun!