Organize your Appcelerator Event

Host an Appcelerator event and we’ll provide the support

Are you interested in running a local conference like TiConf in your home town? We’ll provide sponsorship, marketing and more support for an Appcelerator related developer event. Read below for more information on setting something up.

Getting Started

The first step is making sure you’re prepared to put on a community event like this. Local organizers are what makes Appcelerator events unique and keeps our community growing strong. Organizing an Appcelerator community event can be a lot of work, but also tremendously rewarding. Make sure you’re up for the challenge.

If you’ve never organized a large event before, you may want to start with a meetup first to get the hang of it. Starting a meetup group in your area will allow you to build up a network and gauge interest for a larger event. This may also help you find a co-organizer or two.

These events are great opportunities to network with new and existing developers, share stories and tricks of the trade and hear more about some of the cool projects developers are working on.


We want to do everything we can to make your event a success. If you are hosting an event that is dedicated to Appcelerator/Titanium and have at least 60 guests attend, we will provide a substantial sponsorship. If you have over 150 attendees, we’ll provide an additional sponsorship. Contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

Venue & Cost

Getting access to a free space or donated venue is ideal and can help keep costs down. Colleges, city buildings, public event halls, corporate offices, are all good possibilities here. If you do have to pay for a space, we recommend working to keep costs down as much as you can for your attendees. If you can’t find a free location, look for something as inexpensive as possible so you can focus on your event’s content rather than ticket prices or fundraising. This should also keep your attendee count up.

Once you’ve selected a venue and date, you’ll want to create a website and use a registration system like Eventbrite to manage your attendee list. When you have all of this setup, let us know and we’ll start marketing your event for you among the local Appcelerator developers in that area.


One of the great benefits of the Appcelerator community is that there are a lot of talented developers working on cool apps and projects. Once you’ve decided on your date and location, we’ll help you locate some potential speakers, including Appcelerator employees, who may be interested in speaking at your event. Let us know and we’ll help start the conversation.