Safeguard drives mobile productivity with the Appcelerator Platform

“We always strive to be leaders in industry best practices, and we felt we needed to be first in mass adoption of mobile to maintain our leadership. If we didn’t do this, we’d be fundamentally less competitive.”

About Safeguard

Safeguard Properties is the largest mortgage field services company in the US. Safeguard inspects and maintains defaulted and foreclosed properties for banks and lenders. They manage a nationwide network of field vendors to swiftly inspect, preserve, repair and rehab properties.

Safeguard’s Mobile Story

10,000+ Contract field workers
1M Mobile inspections per month
97% App adoption – up from 22% after introducing analytics

“When we launched our application, we had less than ten percent usage. We couldn’t figure out what the issues were. My app development team said everything was working great, but it was not until we installed Appcelerator’s performance management tools that were we able to see what was really going on, and finally fix it. Now our usage is 97 percent.”

The Need

Where many companies started with consumer apps, Safeguard saw their biggest opportunity in re-engineering their most critical internal process to take advantage of mobile. In the past, its army of +10,000 contract inspectors would take notes and snap multiple pictures per inspection. At the end of the day, they would upload the pictures to a PC, collate their notes and complete an online form for each property. With each inspector performing tens of surveys per day, errors were common and the time for each was significant.

The ability to work more efficiently would solve a host of problems and Safeguard recognized mobile as the ideal vehicle for this. But, because the contractors are independent agents, they couldn’t be forced to use a particular device or app. To get adoption, Safeguard knew they’d have to build seriously amazing apps. They wanted to create compelling platform-agnostic apps that would allow contractors to accept work orders, track their progress and upload photos of the final product – increasing speed, accuracy and visibility.

The Results

“As our mobile efforts expand, we need visibility into user adoption and business impact across our entire app portfolio. The Appcelerator Platform delivers this and more.”

Working with Appcelerator, Safeguard embarked on a transformative mobile program that’s yielded increases in both company productivity and customer satisfaction. Contractors now fill out surveys as they go within the mobile app, resulting in inspections that are both faster and higher quality.

  • Safeguard can now receive an order and get to any property in the 50 states in less than two hours
  • An inspection that used to take ten minutes now takes just three and is more accurate
  • Inspectors are now able to complete between 50 and 150 inspections a day
  • Aided by analytics, app adoption soared with more than 97% of inspections reported within minutes of completion

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