Bracket takes clinical trials mobile with the Appcelerator Platform

“We wanted a vendor that could provide a mobile platform that could get us up and running quickly and easily today, yet also provide a strategic vision to take us down the road.”

About Bracket

Bracket is a specialty services provider dedicated to helping pharmaceutical sponsors and research organizations achieve greater certainty and accurate outcomes in their clinical trials.

Listen to Rusty Bealer, Executive Director of Product Innovation at Bracket, talk about how Bracket is redefining the clinical trial process for its customers using mobile and the Appcelerator Platform.

The Need

Advancing the quality and reliability of clinical trial data was Bracket’s primary goal. Traditionally, clinical trials were paper-based, which resulted in high costs and issues with data quality. Embracing mobile would allow the collection and validation of patient data much closer to the time and place it occurred for faster, more accurate results. Bracket sought a solution that would enable them to develop an app once and deploy to any platform using their existing talent. According to Rusty, “We have a fairly large development staff with a skillset that we wanted to leverage as much as we could, so we were looking for a platform that would let us tap into the developers we already had and bring them into the mobile world.”

The ability to create rich, native user interfaces was important since patients, often with limited abilities, would use many of the apps. Offline capabilities were a must, and since the interface for each clinical study Bracket performs is different, the solution needed to allow for easy code reuse and rapid change.

Of course, because healthcare is highly-regulated, the apps Bracket built had to include data security and testing processes that would satisfy the most stringent demands of government health agencies around the world.

The Results

The Appcelerator Platform covered everything Bracket was looking for plus it allowed them to manage the entire lifecycle in a unified solution rather than having to integrate a host of tools for development, test, mobile analytics, and other key mobile services such as offline synchronization. Bracket has since transformed the clinical trial process achieving:

  • Faster, more precise data reporting – Patients find the mobile app significantly easier and more convenient to use than pen and paper.
  • Increased trial validity – By capturing data directly into the apps, the quality of the data for each study will be significantly higher.
  • High levels of security – With the help of Appcelerator’s file and database encryption, Bracket is able to pass audits every time.
  • Competitive differentiation – The mobile capability is helping Bracket differentiate itself in a tight market. Says Bealer, “It’s giving us confidence that we can meet our targets for sales and delivering functionality in the timelines we’ve set ourselves.”

“In healthcare there are a lot of security and data privacy concerns. The Appcelerator Platform has allowed us to address those and provide a secure environment that passes audits with flying colors.”

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