Over-Engineering Trivial Tasks Using AMPLIFY API Builder and Amazon Alexa

Are you like me and tired of doing anything with your hands? I mean that’s so 2015. Since the advent of Amazon’s Alexa (echo) in 2015, I’ve not touched a light switch, turned on a TV, or set the temperature in my house with my dirty hands. So why not extend that to other trivial […]

Enhancing Titanium: Use staballoy to enable simple data-binding

Data-binding in Titanium’s Alloy is pretty straightforward when you’re using models and collections to store your data. However, with things that are just singular, like a profile picture, a username or just certain colors/properties, you don’t really need models. And then, there is no option to do data-binding really. Of course, you can do it […]

Running API Builder on Raspberry Pi Cluster using Docker Swarm – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I gave a quick overview of the Raspberry Pi cluster configuration and how Docker Swarm is setup. This post provides the details on how to run API Builder v4.0 on the Raspberry Pi. In future posts, I will cover how to containerize API Builder to run on Docker and deploy on a Swarm cluster. Install Node.js The good […]

How to Use Modules from GitHub

Guest poster, Michael Gangolf, has been using Titanium since 2010, been a Titan since 2017 and Android lover since the beginning. You can follow him at @michaelgangolf or on Github at http://github.com/m1ga. Every now and then, you need to use an external module in your app to access things that don’t exist in the native […]

GA Release of Titanium SDK 7.4.1

Today, we published the General Availability release of the AMPLIFY™ Titanium SDK. This is a patch release and includes one improvement, and six bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes: Titanium SDK 7.4.1 GA Release Note Thank You Community! We’d like to thank the following community members […]

Titanium Livestream Oct 2018 Recap – Android & Memory Leak Edition

Welcome back for another Titanium Livestream recap! (You can find the September one here.) Last week, Rene Pot was joined by Appcelerator developer Josh Quick and fellow Developer Evangelist Jason Kneen for the second installment of this series hosted on Twitch. The conversation centers around new Android features for Titanium and also how to prevent […]

RC Release of Titanium SDK 7.4.1

Today, we published a Release Candidate of the AMPLIFY™ Titanium SDK. This is patch release that include one improvement, and seven bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release note: Titanium SDK 7.4.1 RC Release Note Update Titanium SDK [appc] ti sdk install –branch 7_4_X -d To roll […]

Axway AMPLIFY Medical Adherence Demo

Medication adherence is defined as the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice. Most commonly, it refers to medication or drug compliance. Medication non-adherence, or a failure to take prescribed medication costs the US Healthcare System over $200B per year. One culprit is a lack of a unified, real-time view of the patient […]


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