WWDC 2018: Recap & Titanium Support

We reported live from the Apple WWDC 2018 conference last week. Thanks to those that followed our Instagram story. Today, I’d like to give a quick heads up about Titanium-related changes that you might be interested in. If you are not aware of the general iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 and Xcode 10 changes, […]

API Builder and MQTT for IoT – Part 2

In Part 1, we introduced MQTT for IOT and how API Builder can leverage MQTT to communicate with IOT devices. In this blog post, we dive a little deeper and leverage API Builder and the Axway NoSQL Database to start implementing an IOT Hub. Namely, we’ll cover the following: How to handle IoT device connects […]

RC Release of Titanium SDK 7.2.0 & CLI 7.0.4

GDPR Information With the enactment of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we’ve updated our Privacy Policy and the way Axway collects and processes personal information. We welcome this change and understand the importance of data privacy as a human right. We are taking this opportunity to strengthen our global practices, expanding our robust […]

Building Re-usable Components In Alloy

Titanium + Alloy is the fastest way to develop cross-platform, native mobile apps. Not only does Alloy use a Model, View, Controller paradigm (MVC), it also comes with features like theming, platform-specific resources and re-usability. In “classic” Titanium, you could re-use libraries of code using the Ti.include method, which would add another JavaScript file into […]

Common Support Questions: Alloy

With last year’s addition of our free Indie Plans for both Titanium and Hyperloop, we’ve seen an influx of new developers join the Appcelerator community. So, we wanted to create a resource for users to troubleshoot their most common development issues and questions. For the third installment of our series, we take a look at […]

Using Custom Conditional Statements in Titanium Alloy Views

One of the many great features of Alloy (and I’ll be covering more in an upcoming post) is how it separates the business logic of an app and the user interface. You use XML views and TSS files to define the elements and styling of your views, and controllers contain the JavaScript to make everything […]

Microgateway Blog Series, Part 3: Whodunit?

When things break in a microservice architecture, determining root cause is challenging- where did it fail and why? There are so many things that could go wrong, there are many places to look. When errors occur, performing root cause analysis in a microservice environment has tongue-in-cheek been referred to as “solving a murder mystery.” Imagine […]

Build, Test & Deploy a Titanium Cross-Platform App with Fastlane

This guest post was authored by Adam Armstrong. Adam has been using Titanium since 2010 and is an Appcelerator Titan. He is the Manager of Mobile Technology at AmWINS Group and does freelance work via http://implicitli.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @adamtarmstrong. Developing a mobile app is just the beginning. What follows – […]


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