GA Release of Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.10.0

Today, we published the General Availability (GA) release of Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.10.0. The release consists of 16 improvements and 18 bug fixes. It addresses several error reporting issues and includes updates to LiveView to support ES6 along with a few App Designer improvements. Finally, the release brings in a new look and feel with […]

Titanium 101: Building Native Apps with JavaScript

Note: This post was originally published on Medium. Rene Pot is an Appcelerator Titan, long time member of the Titanium community, and runs the Slack Titanium Channel @Ti_Slack. For more, you can follow him on Medium and Twitter. So, you want to build mobile apps? JavaScript and the idea of wrapping a website in a […]

RC Release of Axway Appcelerator Studio 4.10.0

We have published the Release Candidate release for Axway Appcelerator Studio. Highlights of this minor release include: rebranding of Studio to align with Axway Appcelerator branding and using the tab key for navigation. The release includes 16 bug fixes and 18 improvements. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release […]

Deciding if Microservices are Right for You

Microservices are taking the development world by storm, greatly accelerating an organization’s agility and deployment cycle. To date, some of the world’s largest organizations have successfully adopted a microservices approach. But, they might not be for everyone. As organizations begin to realize the benefits of re-architecting monolithic applications, there’s still industry hesitation at the radical […]

This Week’s Modules & Widgets

Every week we sum up all new and updated modules, widgets and other products listed on the Axway Marketplace and found on GitHub by gitTio. Use the Developer Portal Updates page to follow new releases throughout the week. Here are the updates since September 15th 2017: Axway Marketplace New modules and widgets on the Axway […]

Titanium Talk Podcast – Episode 3

In the Titanium Talk podcast, Jason & Brenton discuss all things Titanium, Appcelerator and cross-platform mobile development. In Episode 3, we talk about: Titanium 6.2.0.GA Release, new features and updates Facial recognition using the Zoom SDK The iPhone event last week, announcements, iOS 11 and the iPhone X (which we keep calling “X”) Changes with […]

GA Releases for Titanium SDK 6.2.1 & 6.2.2

This week, we published two General Availability (GA) releases for Titanium™ SDK to support iOS 11 and to address discovered issues from the 6.2.0 release. The releases include 7 bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes: Axway Titanium SDK 6.2.1 GA Release Note Axway Titanium SDK […]

Data-binding Made Easy with Alloy: Part 2

In the first part of this series, we looked at using the Titanium Alloy MVC framework, with its built-in Backbone.js data-binding, to easily bind data to Views with minimal code. (This post assumes you’ve followed along with Part 1 which was using a mock library to generate models and collections — things are a little […]


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